How to Achieve a Dewy Makeup Look

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a dewy makeup look
So today I was going on a ladies date with my sweethearts at night and I completed A Dewy Makeup Look.

A few things to recall in the event that you do substantial eyelook are:

1. Continuously wear a light cosmetics and a naked lipcolour with a substantial eye look.
2. Attempt to blend and match atleast 5 shades for accomplishing a decent substantial eye look..

So,this is the manner by which you can accomplish my cosmetics look..

1. Continuously I want to begin with my eye makeup,especially when you are completing a smokey eye or a substantial eye..This makes the procedure simpler as you can tidy off any aftermath before applying your base.
So begin by applying an eye preliminary as a base,and at that point utilize a minimal powder to degrease the base before applying shadow.
At that point I began to utilize my pallete(I will give the connection to it beneath). Begin by applying the dark colored shade to the crease step by step from external ‘v’ to the inside..Note to utilize light strokes to get a consistent mixing.. At that point apply the orange shade from the pallette beneath the dark colored shade to get a more profound eye look..Use light hand and bit by bit increment the power.. Apply the profound darker to the external corner of the ‘V’ and mix well.. At that point utilize the concealer to cut a delicate crease barring the external ‘V’ and apply the blue shade to it..Then apply the shine blue shade in center of the eye to get a brilliant striking look.
2. At that point apply a winged liner to make the look bolder and afterward utilize the gold sparkle on the inward corner of the eye.
3. For the lower lashline,apply the blue shade and the sparkle shade above it..
4. At that point apply the Mascara..Do your eyebrows..Your eyelook is finished.
5. In the event that you are a lash lover,apply a decent falsie to finish the look.
6 At that point begin applying a decent primer.
7. At that point apply a full inclusion establishment utilizing a damp BB Blender.
8.After that apply the concealer under the eyes,on the extension of the nose and amidst the brow and mix it well.
9. At that point utilize a setting powder to set the regions.
10. At that point begin utilizing a bronzer as I have avoided the shaping..
11. At that point apply the blush,highlighter and a cosmetics settling spray..Then apply a bare lipstick to finish the look..


a dewy makeup look

Products used by me :

1. Mars 36 colour eyeshadow pallette
2.Maybelline Fit Me Foundation                   (shade 220).
3.Maybelline Fit Me Concealer
   (shade 10).
4.Lakme Lipstick and Gloss
5.Makeup Revolution Contouring               Pallette.
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